Burger Talk

We decided to do our radio show about our favorite burgers around town.  Our goal was to represent different types of restaurants from fast food to classier places.  We all had the same criteria to focus on when rating the burgers.  It was a lot of fun in addition to being a delicious way to spend time.

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The creative aptitude for symphony is that it seems to open up new worlds for us.  For the person who writes that wants to expand their work into other media they can look at the way that the information is out there and see how the world works in concert and model their own work after it.  Not only in gaining the knowledge but finding examples that are already out there in the media.  It also should be able to create a new consciousness in work that prevents the creative person from being close minded.  If we are all connected and in just a few steps our work can end up on the other side of the world the certainly we should be mindful of that and choose to understand our neighbors better.

When it comes to learning and teaching it opens up absolutely new worlds.  Especially when you consider the talks from the first video.  Knowledge is centered in hubs that connect and shrink the world so that anything we need is out there.  Teaching and learning no longer needs to rely on simply having a textbook because the use of the internet and networks gives us access to all the information that we need.  Learning now is less limited by cost and open to a ready and willing audience.

The answer to being more transdisciplinary is simple.  It is the opening of ones eyes or mind to see the world for the diverse place that it is.  Something as simple as a joke about Kevin Bacon opened scientists eyes to the interconnected nature of the world and how it is works.  We have the advantage over them because we have had the pathways mapped and defined for us we just need to follow what we have learned.

Critical Review: Story Edition

The biggest takeaway from we have learned is that story has the miraculous ability to evolved and to stay the same all at once.  The cave paintings of yesteryear are today’s timelines on Facebook or news stories.  They are both forms of chronicling stories that maintain a visual aspect to them.  What has also changed as is the control one has over their own story. Story has the ability to separate and be bigger than itself. Story grows and grows and grows.

The enjoyable part of this lesson is how each person attacked story in the form on their projects.  Preference in particular demonstrated the digital evolution by revamping the storybook into a digital aspect.  With my own project I leaned on what I know well and adapted to a sort of radio broadcast forum.  I could have done more but I think I was afraid of getting carried away in a week that had so much going on with my uncle passing, friends being in town to celebrate my birthday, and having a test in another class as well.  I appreciated the suggestions of music that I got in class and in retrospect I wish I could have found something to accompany it even it was just the sound of what the old school radios used to sound like in the background.

Among all this change in story I still remain a purist. Give me a good novel and that is all the story I need.  I worry about all the things we are adding to our stories in hopes to entertain the new generation.  Do we run the risk of them losing the imagination if we are the one filling in the blanks for them? When I read the Harry Potter books and then saw the movies the thing that struck me is that it didn’t feel like the first time I’d heard the soundtrack.  Somehow J.K. Rowling managed to convey that just with the words she had used before I had even hopes of a movie being made.  While all the new tools and innovations we have are certainly entertaining they shouldn’t be crutches we let our students handicap themselves with.


George Rory Sullivan III

Inside of a suitcase I bought at a thrift store I found a picture of an officer from WWII.  There was nothing remarkable about him, in fact he looked rather normal in his uniform and his beaming smile.  In my mind I like to make him a hero.



When I am looking to do something creative I am often looking for a eureka moment of inspiration that drives me on from there.  I understand the need to be regularly working at your craft to enable improvement but I still have yet to reconcile that with my preference of working while having some sort of divine inspiration.  In the case of this project I went to one of my favorite thrift stores in Raleigh because of its unique merchandise in hopes for inspiration.  I looked at a couple of other objects, a munition’s box and an old leather tackle box and had sort of eureka moments with both of them.  Both items were pretty pricey and that seemed to take it away from being found art if I spent that much money on them. Luckily I had a friend with me who had spied a number of photographs for pretty cheap.  After looking through them and having small sparks of inspiration with a number ones I found the picture I chose.  There was something in the way he smiled that a pureness with it and the combination of wearing glasses that made me think he would look like your every day hero but he could still be a hero nonetheless.  The story erupted from there in my head and I spent the rest of the evening brain storming about what I wanted to include and exclude.  The exclusion was the hardest part because I feel like this very well could have turned into a short story for me if I so chose and may continue to do so in the future.  I think I could work on the audio a bit more but I thought about what Glass said about it taking practice and I wasn’t immediately going to be come a professional over night so I decided not to stress myself about it too much. The important take away for me is how spontaneous story can be but also how much larger a person’s story can be than that person seems.

Story power

What is the power of story?

Is it the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Is it more powerful than a locomotive?  Certainly not in the literal sense but when you think about figuratively then you realize the power that story has.

Story communicates.  It passes on.  It is the history book as well as the historian telling the story.  It is a purveyor of information but more  than that story has the power to create.  Control over story gives a person the ability to create identity, or determine their own story.  This is enable further by digital mediums.  Platforms like facebook, myspace, and other social networks allow you to tell your story through your status updates and pictures.  You can hook your Spotify up to your Facebook so that everyone knows what you’re listening to and imagine a soundtrack to your life.  If people view my music history they might think I alternate longing for my teenage days of listening to pop punk to a wistful longing brought out by the sometimes soulful and sometimes playful tunes of Ben Folds.  In this digital age story is evolving to live outside of ourselves. Those that are not careful of what they put out there to represent themselves lose control of their narrative and become what people believe them to be.

The key to telling a good story that I focused on most from the Ira Glass videos was fearlessness.  You must not be afraid of failure but instead embrace it.  A person cannot expect to be great in their initial offerings.  They just have to be able to rely on their love and trust their taste as they go forward and hope to carve out an original voice that speaks and informs their prospective listeners.

Failure by Design: Critical Review

A failure by design is definitely what I expected going into this unit.  It felt like the project was coming like a train and I was a helpless damsel in distress tied tothe tracks.  Would my hero come and save me in time? What I learned like any self respecting damsel in this day and age is that there is no need to wait on heroes when you can look inward and find solutions to the problems yourself.  Armed with inspiration provided by Professor Crissman and a vague idea of what I wanted to do I set out into the world to find these elements of design.  I was successful too.  I was my own hero!

Am I a designer or an artist now?  No, not in the classic sense of the world but there is a sense of those within everyone given the right tools.  If I would describe myself as anything it would be Dorothy having peaked behind the curtain and realized that the Wizard is just a man.  Design might seem like this insurmountable mountain where the gods of art live but if it is then I’ve made my way up part of the way.  I’m not at the bottom and I can sort of see the top.  Many people have placed flags there and there is still room for others.  I know that from this lesson that I have the tools within me to grow and climb that mountain and leave my own mark on the design mountain.