Failure by Design: Critical Review

A failure by design is definitely what I expected going into this unit.  It felt like the project was coming like a train and I was a helpless damsel in distress tied tothe tracks.  Would my hero come and save me in time? What I learned like any self respecting damsel in this day and age is that there is no need to wait on heroes when you can look inward and find solutions to the problems yourself.  Armed with inspiration provided by Professor Crissman and a vague idea of what I wanted to do I set out into the world to find these elements of design.  I was successful too.  I was my own hero!

Am I a designer or an artist now?  No, not in the classic sense of the world but there is a sense of those within everyone given the right tools.  If I would describe myself as anything it would be Dorothy having peaked behind the curtain and realized that the Wizard is just a man.  Design might seem like this insurmountable mountain where the gods of art live but if it is then I’ve made my way up part of the way.  I’m not at the bottom and I can sort of see the top.  Many people have placed flags there and there is still room for others.  I know that from this lesson that I have the tools within me to grow and climb that mountain and leave my own mark on the design mountain.


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