Metaphor in a sense is how we make sense of the unknown.  It is how we lasso the moon in the sky and pull it down to our level so that we might understand it or do the inverse and project it so that it is bigger than we are. Take these two metaphors for instance: The moon shines like a distant streetlight calling the neighborhood kids to come home for dinner or the her smile was a bright as the moon on a clear sky night, illuminating all the dark parts of my heart.  We use it to define the unknown apply scale to things or just to be imaginative in the was we are describing things.  Without the use of metaphor the world can be suddenly boring and that is not what we want do we?

The creative inquiry is the steps along which our perception of the world goes till we come out the other end with an ability to manipulate and make sense of all the stimuli the world has to offer. Once mastered we are better at communicating, pattern making, and complex intellectual functions.


Sweeter than honey!


3 thoughts on “Metaphor

  1. John,
    I think you have some really good ideas here, but I wish you had flushed them out a little more. I feel like you have way more to say on the topic of metaphor and being a poetry guy it must be something you know a lot about! I like the examples you use to convey the concept of metaphor, but it feels like you’re just touching the surface of a very deep lake. Are there things you wanted to say but didn’t know how? Or maybe everything that’s been said about metaphor seemed a little contrived?

  2. John, are you saying that the world “revolves around” metaphors? Do you mean to imply that metaphors should be the basis for enhanced communication? Could you clarify your expression about the creative aptitude of metaphor in literal terms?

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