It’s a Metaphor Baby!

Credit definitely must be given for the title to Say Anything one of my favorite bands who have a song of the same name.  I was slightly worried at the beginning of the lesson about metaphor and how I would represent it but as someone who writes I should have been worried less. That does not come from a cock frame of mind either.  It comes from having the knowledge that in metaphor one thing represents another. As long as you have an idea in your head of how something can be symbolic of another thing you at least have a good start.  So it was when it came time to work on my project.  I spent a good amount of time agonizing about what I would choose. I didn’t want to choose work that was really long and have the project be exhaustive and potentially boring and I don’t know art  so that was out of the question.  The problem with doing fairy tales is that they are nice and they do have a good message but they feel exactly what they are, childish.  That is what lead me to settle on the quote that I did. It held meaning for me that was translatable to other people’s lives.  It was succinct but powerful as well.  I had big ideas about what I wanted to accomplish  and knew it would take more involvement than some of my previous works for campus.  I poured into Gimp tutorial’s so that I could gain the tools I needed and got one of my classes to lend a hand.  In the end it came out a great success in my mind and looked even better than I thought it would.


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