Fracking 360

I chose this topic mainly because I was interested in it. We had the option of doing an event or an issue and after going through school for this long I’ve learned a lot about most of the events I wanted to and this is a new and hot topic in today’s news especially with the issues coming up with fracking in North Carolina.

2 thoughts on “Fracking 360

  1. Glad you chose what could be literally a “hot” topic, John. Looks like you’ve done a lot of research. Now, how could you share this research so it’s compelling enough to grab people’s attention? Think design, visual and sound. You’ve got the knowledge; you’ve definitely got the perfect music.

    • If you noticed I posted the video really late at night and that was because I was trying to experiment as much as I could with moviemaker not just because I was procrastinating. I think for the class being busy with my other classes it is good to use something I know instead of trying to learn something new right now but as I take the lessons learned in the future I want to try to learn different video editing programs. I experimented with individual slide narrations and different ways for the text to come. I experimented with picture size and the way it loaded but found moviemaker very limiting.

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