I feel you.

To me empathy is the ability to feel an approximation of the feelings of another.  This can be easily done with someone who is of the same culture as you or it can require you to stretch yourself emotionally and mentally by trying to empathize with a person outside of your culture. Obviously this is different because your experiences in life often times are very different.

Once a person is able to empathize well then they are able to assimilate emotions and experiences of other people this gives them the ability to create something different than they might have. Take for instance an artist that has only known life one way and the suddenly he is able to see the world in a different light. Imagine this new perspective and the new things that will come as a result of it. Empathizing opens whole new worlds and ideas that can be expressed and can act as the fertile ground for creativity.

Empathy can lead to a human revolution because people are able to understand the plight of other people.  Just like we watched in the first video when people of Britain were made to understand the plight of slaves and the slave traded ended and eventually slavery was done for the same can be done about many other world issues. The video hinted at workers in sweatshops but also we can use empathy to understand those who struggle with hunger or don’t have clean drinking water. There are a world of issues out there that people don’t comprehend of understand yet but with a little empathy they might and maybe we can finally get something done about them.



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