Empathize with me

In going about my project this time I took the 360 aspect of it really seriously so before anything else I wanted to make sure that I covered the information thoroughly and then try to be creative from that point. That may have been my downfall because I got so many critiques about having too much to read and the slides going too fast. This kind of bothered me because I did spend time lengthening the slides because I got this complaint before.  I don’t just sit back and do the same thing and not take note of my criticisms.  I chose no narration because I felt like I would be reading over slides that had nothing to do with the information that I was talking about at the moment and when I tried to do slide by slide narration I was not successful at it. I really tried hard with this project and tried to make it creative as well as informative but from the feedback I didn’t come close enough to what I was hoping for.

Free Empathy


2 thoughts on “Empathize with me

  1. It sounds like you were very thoughtful in the decisions you made, John, and genuinely surprised when they didn’t seem to work for your audience. Let me see if I can ask some questions so I can hopefully help you think of alternatives. First off, you say that you “did spend time lengthening the slides because I got this complaint before.” So did you mean that you lengthened or reduced the amount of text on the slides. I’m thinking that you worked to reduce the text. Second, are you creating your slide show on iMovie or MovieMaker? We need to figure out the problem so you can add voiceover for each slide. In iMovie, I know you click on each clip/or slide and record narration. Your next projects will be videos rather than slide shows so you won’t have this problem. Sorry the feedback wasn’t what you’d hoped for , but it was given with the best of intentions and meant to be kind, specific, and helpful.

    • I tried to lengthen the time that the slides with more information on them would stay on screen. I thought those with lengthy information had information that was grouped together and didn’t want to split them apart so much. I did record narration for an individual slide but on playback it kept cutting off what I recorded.

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