Critical Review

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed about the Education department since I’ve become a part of it is how excited students are about the process of education.  So when I was reading a book about education changing and the direction it was headed in the future I could not help but to think about my peers. Once thinking about them I knew that I wanted to get actual students in the video and show their industry and energy.  I think that grounded my video exactly the way I wanted and conveyed the message that we are actively working towards those future possibilities. I did want the video to be natural so I did it mostly guerilla style and was pleased with the results.



One thought on “Critical Review

  1. Guerrilla-style is cool, John. Works great for creating an energy and excitement that catches your viewer up in the flow. Creating the storyboard in your head so you could see the images you needed to create the flow you wanted seems to be much like composing only with moving images. No wonder you’re so good at it! 😉

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