Roots and Wings


Burger Talk

We decided to do our radio show about our favorite burgers around town.  Our goal was to represent different types of restaurants from fast food to classier places.  We all had the same criteria to focus on when rating the burgers.  It was a lot of fun in addition to being a delicious way to spend time.

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George Rory Sullivan III

Inside of a suitcase I bought at a thrift store I found a picture of an officer from WWII.  There was nothing remarkable about him, in fact he looked rather normal in his uniform and his beaming smile.  In my mind I like to make him a hero.



When I am looking to do something creative I am often looking for a eureka moment of inspiration that drives me on from there.  I understand the need to be regularly working at your craft to enable improvement but I still have yet to reconcile that with my preference of working while having some sort of divine inspiration.  In the case of this project I went to one of my favorite thrift stores in Raleigh because of its unique merchandise in hopes for inspiration.  I looked at a couple of other objects, a munition’s box and an old leather tackle box and had sort of eureka moments with both of them.  Both items were pretty pricey and that seemed to take it away from being found art if I spent that much money on them. Luckily I had a friend with me who had spied a number of photographs for pretty cheap.  After looking through them and having small sparks of inspiration with a number ones I found the picture I chose.  There was something in the way he smiled that a pureness with it and the combination of wearing glasses that made me think he would look like your every day hero but he could still be a hero nonetheless.  The story erupted from there in my head and I spent the rest of the evening brain storming about what I wanted to include and exclude.  The exclusion was the hardest part because I feel like this very well could have turned into a short story for me if I so chose and may continue to do so in the future.  I think I could work on the audio a bit more but I thought about what Glass said about it taking practice and I wasn’t immediately going to be come a professional over night so I decided not to stress myself about it too much. The important take away for me is how spontaneous story can be but also how much larger a person’s story can be than that person seems.