Fracking 360

I chose this topic mainly because I was interested in it. We had the option of doing an event or an issue and after going through school for this long I’ve learned a lot about most of the events I wanted to and this is a new and hot topic in today’s news especially with the issues coming up with fracking in North Carolina.


It’s a Metaphor Baby!

Credit definitely must be given for the title to Say Anything one of my favorite bands who have a song of the same name.  I was slightly worried at the beginning of the lesson about metaphor and how I would represent it but as someone who writes I should have been worried less. That does not come from a cock frame of mind either.  It comes from having the knowledge that in metaphor one thing represents another. As long as you have an idea in your head of how something can be symbolic of another thing you at least have a good start.  So it was when it came time to work on my project.  I spent a good amount of time agonizing about what I would choose. I didn’t want to choose work that was really long and have the project be exhaustive and potentially boring and I don’t know art  so that was out of the question.  The problem with doing fairy tales is that they are nice and they do have a good message but they feel exactly what they are, childish.  That is what lead me to settle on the quote that I did. It held meaning for me that was translatable to other people’s lives.  It was succinct but powerful as well.  I had big ideas about what I wanted to accomplish  and knew it would take more involvement than some of my previous works for campus.  I poured into Gimp tutorial’s so that I could gain the tools I needed and got one of my classes to lend a hand.  In the end it came out a great success in my mind and looked even better than I thought it would.



Metaphor in a sense is how we make sense of the unknown.  It is how we lasso the moon in the sky and pull it down to our level so that we might understand it or do the inverse and project it so that it is bigger than we are. Take these two metaphors for instance: The moon shines like a distant streetlight calling the neighborhood kids to come home for dinner or the her smile was a bright as the moon on a clear sky night, illuminating all the dark parts of my heart.  We use it to define the unknown apply scale to things or just to be imaginative in the was we are describing things.  Without the use of metaphor the world can be suddenly boring and that is not what we want do we?

The creative inquiry is the steps along which our perception of the world goes till we come out the other end with an ability to manipulate and make sense of all the stimuli the world has to offer. Once mastered we are better at communicating, pattern making, and complex intellectual functions.


Sweeter than honey!


Critical Reflection

To start with I will focus on the badges that I got. For one I was pleased to get the play badge because I think it fits with my creative process. I hate to take things too seriously or worry about them too much.  I think in the instances of those happening that the creative process shuts down and we can be blocked from our creativity.  I was also pleased with getting the problem solver badge.  I think that in addition to providing levity that I also like to provide answers and be proactive in getting things done with the group.  If I were working by myself I might not have been as in a hurry to produce results or come up with answers but I know when working with other people and their differing schedules it is important to get things done in a timely manner.


I was really happy with the process of coming up with the idea for our project.  For me personally the inspiration came from the name of the radio program, “This American Life”.  I watch a lot of food shows that travel around the country and look at different culture through the lenses of the food they eat and I thought if I wanted to look at American culture through any way it would also be this and what is more American than burgers you know?


Burger Talk

We decided to do our radio show about our favorite burgers around town.  Our goal was to represent different types of restaurants from fast food to classier places.  We all had the same criteria to focus on when rating the burgers.  It was a lot of fun in addition to being a delicious way to spend time.

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The creative aptitude for symphony is that it seems to open up new worlds for us.  For the person who writes that wants to expand their work into other media they can look at the way that the information is out there and see how the world works in concert and model their own work after it.  Not only in gaining the knowledge but finding examples that are already out there in the media.  It also should be able to create a new consciousness in work that prevents the creative person from being close minded.  If we are all connected and in just a few steps our work can end up on the other side of the world the certainly we should be mindful of that and choose to understand our neighbors better.

When it comes to learning and teaching it opens up absolutely new worlds.  Especially when you consider the talks from the first video.  Knowledge is centered in hubs that connect and shrink the world so that anything we need is out there.  Teaching and learning no longer needs to rely on simply having a textbook because the use of the internet and networks gives us access to all the information that we need.  Learning now is less limited by cost and open to a ready and willing audience.

The answer to being more transdisciplinary is simple.  It is the opening of ones eyes or mind to see the world for the diverse place that it is.  Something as simple as a joke about Kevin Bacon opened scientists eyes to the interconnected nature of the world and how it is works.  We have the advantage over them because we have had the pathways mapped and defined for us we just need to follow what we have learned.