Critical Reflection

To start with I will focus on the badges that I got. For one I was pleased to get the play badge because I think it fits with my creative process. I hate to take things too seriously or worry about them too much.  I think in the instances of those happening that the creative process shuts down and we can be blocked from our creativity.  I was also pleased with getting the problem solver badge.  I think that in addition to providing levity that I also like to provide answers and be proactive in getting things done with the group.  If I were working by myself I might not have been as in a hurry to produce results or come up with answers but I know when working with other people and their differing schedules it is important to get things done in a timely manner.


I was really happy with the process of coming up with the idea for our project.  For me personally the inspiration came from the name of the radio program, “This American Life”.  I watch a lot of food shows that travel around the country and look at different culture through the lenses of the food they eat and I thought if I wanted to look at American culture through any way it would also be this and what is more American than burgers you know?



Burger Talk

We decided to do our radio show about our favorite burgers around town.  Our goal was to represent different types of restaurants from fast food to classier places.  We all had the same criteria to focus on when rating the burgers.  It was a lot of fun in addition to being a delicious way to spend time.

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